Dominican citizenship assistance

If you, a loved one, or a child of yours was born outside the Dominican Republic, but has at least one Dominican parent, we can have that birth record registered and transcribed here in the Dominican Republic.

With the Dominican birth certificate in hand, your child, friend or relative can request their cédula (ID card) if they've already reached 18 years of age, and then obtain their Dominican passport.

Here’s what we can do for you:
  1. Send us:
    1. An original long-form birth certificate (not an extract) from the country of birth which has been apostilled.** To be sent to us in the Dominican Republic via DHL or similar, or to our Miami postal address.
    2. A copy of the Dominican parent’s or parents’ cédula (Dominican ID card). If the Dominican parent does not have a cédula, then please send us either a copy of his/her Dominican passport or birth certificate.
  2. If the original birth certificate is in a language other than Spanish, we shall have it translated here by a Dominican certified legal translator.
  3. We shall then lodge an official request for the birth to be transcribed in the Dominican Republic.
  4. Several weeks later, we shall ship the apostilled original Dominican birth certificate to you.

** If the birth occurred in Canada, Haiti or the Netherlands instead of taking the birth certificate to be apostilled before sending it to us, you must have the original birth certificate and translation legalised by the Dominican embassy or consulate in your country.

We shall then obtain the required apostille for them locally in the Dominican Republic.

Our charge for this service which includes a new Dominican long-form birth certificate is US$395.