Dominican divorce records

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Dominican divorces are decreed in a court of law. Then the decree must be registered at the appropriate local registry office, otherwise the divorce is null and void.

We can obtain different Dominican divorce documents for you:

Dominican divorce certificate

If this is all you require, click on the link to see how we get your Dominican divorce certificate for you from the registry office. And if you then want to order, we even have an order form with online payment!

Dominican court records of divorce

From the court where your divorce was decreed, there are three types of document we can obtain for you. Most Dominican court records of divorce are not searchable, so to obtain any of the following documents, we'd need to obtain the court details by first searching for your divorce record at the registry office. If you already have your divorce certificate or an old copy of your divorce decree, it would help us if you sent us a scanned copy or photos of the decree to

All prices below include shipping via certified international airmail, delivery takes about 2 to 4 weeks:

product details cost
Your Dominican divorce certificateThe divorce certificate is definitive proof that the divorce is irreversible and final, and that the marriage ended. Cost for an original long-form divorce certificate with legalisation and apostille. US$115
Your Dominican divorce decreeFrom the court, we shall have it certified and apostilled for it to be valid in most countries. US$295
Your entire divorce file from the Dominican courtThis includes:
  • A certified and apostilled divorce decree. 
  • All documentation on file in the courthouse relating to your divorce such as copies of custody/separation agreements etc, and perhaps even a copy of the divorce announcement which appeared in the newspaper. Because not all of these documents were issued by the court (newspaper announcement etc), the entire file cannot be legalised or apostilled, only the decree.
Special deluxe Dominican divorce
For all of the following:
  • Divorce certificate (legalised & apostilled) including translation into English.
  • Divorce decree (certified & apostilled), translation not included but we can quote for this once we have seen the decree.
  • Copy of entire divorce file from the court (see above)
  • Shipping by DHL.
We find Dominican divorce records here

Dominican divorce records: Q&A

Questions we have been asked by our clients:

We got married in the Dominican Republic, but later divorced in Switzerland. I wish to register our Swiss divorce decree in the Dominican Republic. Can you help with this?  Yes, for your Swiss divorce to be registered with the Dominican authorities:
  1. You must obtain a certified copy of your Swiss divorce decree, duly legalised and apostilled by the relevant Swiss authorities.
  2. The decree must be translated into Spanish and the translation must also be apostilled. It is also advisable that the decree and the translation, after being apostilled in Switzerland, both be consularized at the Dominican consulate in Switzerland.
  3. The decree and the translation should then be sent to us in the Dominican Republic.
  4. Our legal team will present the dossier to a Dominican court for a process called homologation.
  5. Once the decree has been homologated, our team will take your divorce dossier to the Dominican Central registry office in Santo Domingo for it to be registered with them.
  6. Then we must take the dossier to the registry office in San Pedro de Macorís for the divorce decree to be annotated to the marriage record.
As regards the costs of the above:

Separation or custody agreement

We’d get a photocopy of it from the entire divorce file. From this copy, we’d need to obtain the details of the lawyer who drew up the agreement, and we’d ask him to issue a new original agreement. Our fee: We would first charge US$395 for the copy of the entire divorce file, then once we have established contact with the lawyer who drew up any agreements, we’d be able to send a quotation to obtain an original agreement which we could legalize and apostille.

For a supplement of US$95 we can offer shipping via UPS courier which takes about 3-7 working days to arrive:
Steps 1-3 – you can pay directly for the service
Step 4 – our staff lawyer charges US$2,000 for his services which includes taxes. This does not include any court or government fees which would cost extra.
Steps 5 to 6 – we can quote US$495 for our services

So, in total we would quote US$2,495.

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