Do you need a Dominican certificate of single status?

We can get it for you!

We can obtain your Dominican Republic proof of single status. It will be issued by the Central Office of the Dominican Central Electoral Board (JCE) in Santo Domingo.

Want to know if your Dominican partner is single or married? This is the document you need!

And before we ship it to you, we'll get it legalised and apostilled, all for only US$195. It will only take a few days. Just fill out our order form below.

Dominican registry office at Ramón Santana

Dominican registry office at Ramón Santana

We can also offer a translation of your document into any major European language for an extra US$69.

And at time of shipping, we'll also send you colour scans of your documents by email.

All we need from you is:

  • that you fill out our order form at the bottom of this page
  • make payment
  • send us a photo of the front and back of your cédula.
This Dominican proof of single status document is known locally in Spanish as a Certificado de No Casado (= statement of not being married). In English-speaking countries certificates of single-status are also known as:
  • affidavit of single status 
  • declaration of unmarried status
  • letter of no record of marriage
  • proof of single status
  • single status certificate
  • single status letter
  • certificate of no impediment (CNI)
  • certificate of freedom to marry
  • certificate of no obstacle
  • certificate of celibacy
  • certificate of bachelorhood

Alternatively, if you are intending to marry in a church overseas and you require an official Dominican church document, we could ask the church where you were baptised in the Dominican Republic, or which is located in the city where you last lived in the DR, for a certification that they have no record of any marriage involving you, in their ledgers.