Dominican certificate of single status

There is no such thing as an official Dominican government certificate which confirms a person's single status.

The next best alternative would be for us to turn to the civil judge in the town where the person last lived, ie in the town which appears on the person's most recent Dominican ID card (cédula), and request that the local civil judge issue a written and stamped statement on official letterhead in which a person's single status is confirmed. We could then have this statement legalized at the Central Registry Office in Santo Domingo, and apostilled by the Dominican Foreign Ministry.

Dominican certificate of single status
Typical scene in a crowded Dominican registry office

Such a document is only obtainable locally, and not at the Central Registry Office in Santo Domingo. The civil judge is only able to confirm that in his jurisdiction, the person is not married. 

If you are intending to marry in a church overseas, we could ask the church where you were baptised, or which is located in the city where you last lived in the Dominican Republic, for a certification that they have no record of any marriage involving you, in their ledgers.