Dominican death certificates: Q&As

The registry office won't issue a certificate for my grandmother's death because they said that first we have to get gran's death ratified. What does this mean, and can you help? Registry offices are not allowed to issue death certificates in cases where the death was declared outwith the legally required period of no more than 48 hrs after death. We shall be happy to take on this case. Our clerk will go to the registry office which has your grandmother's original death record, and will ask that they provide us a list of back-up documentation which we have to provide in order to petition for the death record to be validated (ie before we can obtain a death certificate). The registry office will probably ask us to provide the following:

  • a statement from the director of the cemetery confirming that the deceased was buried there.
  • statements from the registrars at several other nearby registry offices, confirming that they do NOT have the death record of your grandmother in their ledgers.
We can gladly provide a quotation for our services to lodge a death-ratification request, see our contact details below.

For ratification of a Dominican death record, the registry office will issue this form which lists the documents required for the ratification process.