Dominican Investigations: Q&A

Questions we have been asked by our clients and potential clients:

Dominican Property Records

If I give you someone's name, can you run a Dominican property records search to see if they own property in the Dominican Republic?
No, the land registry records can only be searched by plot, not by name. On the other hand, owners of property and land generally pay tax, so it may be possible to search tax records and therefore learn what property they own.

Dominican marriage records

I have just discovered photographs of my husband with another woman. They appear to be dressed as newlyweds. Can you run a check to verify if they actually got married?
Sort of. We would ideally need to know the date, and place of suspected marriage, as well as full names of both bride and groom.

I am looking to verify a marriage in the area of Puerto Plata. What is your cost and turn around time?
We charge a search fee, the amount charged depends on how much information you can give us regarding time and place of marriage as well as the names of the bride and groom. Please contact us on for a quotation.