Dominican Fraud Investigation


Justice Palace of Santiago

With our tourism-related staff, drivers, messengers and lawyers in every corner of the Dominican Republic, we can conduct any type of investigation you require.

Here are some of the Dominican fraud investigations we have undertaken for corporate and private overseas clients which have covered the length and breadth of the Dominican Republic, over the past 18 months:

Abusive medical invoices issued by Dominican clinics

Interviewing doctors and medical staff, travelling around the country to inspect clinics, doctors' practices.

One of our clients, the investigations department of a large European insurance company requested our help to investigate a case of suspected medical-insurance fraud.

The insured party had returned home to Europe from an extended stay in the Dominican Republic and made a large claim on her travel-insurance policy, alleging that she had been hospitalized in Santo Domingo.

Dominican clinic invoices

Altered without the clinic's knowledge.  Where the clients have "doctored" medical invoices by adding zeros to invoices.

Fraudulent invoices from bonafide clinics where clinic owners have been in collusion with patients
Where doctors have provided the patient with forged laboratory test results for lab tests which were never conducted and interviews with lab technicians By checking with the public health ministry whether the clinic has a license to operate and whether the doctor has an exequatur.

Investigation of fake deaths in the Dominican Republic

Involves researching several documents such as medical examiner's statement, medical examiner's license to operate from the Public Health Ministry, burial certificate from cemetery, dealing with inspectors from JCE.

One of our clients, the Investigative Department of a large European insurance company, requested our help to investigate the alleged death in the Dominican Republic, of one of its life-insurance policy-holders.

Our client was suspected of attempted fraud because none of the documents presented as back-up with the insurance claim, appeared to be original. They were all alleged photocopies.

The claimant provided to the insurance company the following "documents" which we were asked to authenticate:

Forged Dominican Death Certificate

Dominican accident investigation

Interviewing witnesses, hotel staff, policemen and tourism policemen and clinic staff, family members.

Alleged theft of personal belongings

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