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Dominican divorce documents

There are different types of Dominican divorce documents that we can obtain for you:

  1. Divorce decree from the court.
  2. Copy of your entire divorce file from the court, which other than the decree would probably include the newspaper announcement of your divorce, your separation agreement etc.
  3. Divorce certificate from the registry office. (Your court decree must be registered at the nearest registry office to finalise the divorce, otherwise the decree is null and void)
Whichever document you need, we charge in 2 stages:

  1. For the search
  2. For the documents

1. Search fee for Dominican divorce documents

We start our search for your divorce documents at the registry office, and from the registry office we obtain the details of the court decree. Our engagement/search fee depends on how much information you can give us about the divorce:

1. If you know the place and exact date of the divorce OR if you have an old copy of your decree/certificate that you could send us, we charge a US$95 engagement/search fee.

2. If you do NOT know the exact date and place of the divorce, we charge a US$195 engagement/search fee.

Once we locate your divorce record at the registry office, we shall send you by email a draft copy of your divorce record. This is included in the engagement/search fee.
The following are our fees to obtain the documents, additional to the search fee mentioned above.

2. Our charges for your Dominican divorce documents

All prices quoted below for your divorce documents include shipping via certified international airmail which takes between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive, for a supplement of US$95 we can offer delivery via UPS courier which takes between 2 and 3 working days to arrive most places:

Dominican divorce certificate

We charge US$115 for an original long-form divorce certificate which has been legalised and apostilled. If all you require is your divorce certificate, please go to this page which has an order form.

Dominican divorce decree

From the court, we shall have it certified and apostilled for it to have validity overseas. Our fee: US$295.

Your entire Dominican divorce file from the court

This includes a certified and apostilled decree. And normally includes all documentation on file in the courthouse relating to your divorce such as copies of custody/separation agreements etc, and perhaps even a copy of the divorce announcement which appeared in the newspaper. Because not all of these documents were issued by the court (newspaper announcement etc), the entire file cannot be legalised or apostilled, only the decree. Our fee: US$395.

Special rate for all of the above documents

Only US$495 for all of the below:

a. Certificate (legalised and apostilled)
b. Decree (legalised and apostilled)
c. Entire divorce file (not legalised and not apostilled)

What extras charges might there be?

Do you need your Dominican divorce documents for use in Belgium or Canada?

If so, the following applies to you:

Belgium - Dominican divorce documents for use in Belgium must be legalized by the Belgian Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. For US$75 we can courier your Dominican certificate to your embassy in Jamaica, but you would be responsible for paying them for their legalization, and for shipping your certificate to Belgium. We can provide their contact details.

Canada - The Canadian government does not consider a Dominican apostille to be final proof of your documents' authenticity, therefore if your Dominican divorce documents are to be used in Canada, they must be legalized by the Canadian embassy in the Dominican Republic. We charge US$95 for the official embassy fee and our services.

Your Dominican divorce documents translated

For an extra charge, we can have your Dominican divorce documents translated into English, Dutch, French, German, Italian or Russian by a certified legal translator. Many clients have told us that this is much cheaper than they can obtain locally.

Order your Dominican divorce certificate now!

If you'd like to get started, please fill out the order form below, and have a credit or debit card to hand. At this stage we shall only charge for the search stage. We shall acknowledge receipt of payment, and will contact you by email with any requests for additional information etc. Within 2 to 7 days on average, we should be able to send you the draft print out of your record, depending on how quickly the register-office staff computerize your record.

We shall let you pay for the certificate, shipping options and translations etc later once you have received and okayed the draft print-out that we send you.

Please only complete the order form below if you are ready order and pay. Please do not use the form for a simple enquiry.