Need a copy of your Dominican adoption certificate?

We offer a full service package which includes:

  • search for your original adoption record
  • a call to the relevant registry office to ask that they enter the adoption record into their database so that we can then:
  • obtain a draft copy of your adoption record to send to you to check for mistakes. (it's normal, especially where non-Spanish names feature, that mistakes are made. If you notice a spelling mistake or incorrect date etc, let us know and we'll attempt to have the errors corrected.
Dominican adoption certificate image 1
Government building in San Pedro de Macorís with registry office

Then we'll be able to obtain an original certificate for you. Our package includes:
  • an original Dominican adoption certificate
  • we have it legalized for you
  • then we take it to the Dominican Foreign Ministry for it to be apostilled. The apostille is a document of international standard which makes your Dominican adoption certificate legal and binding outside the Dominican Republic. 
Dominican adoption certificate pic 2
Registry office in Las Terrenas, on 2nd floor of this building

A handful of countries such as Canada, Austria and others require in addition that once the certificate has been apostilled, it must be further legalized in the relevant embassy in Santo Domingo. We also offer the service of obtaining this additional legalization, if required.

If you need a copy of a Dominican adoption certificate, please fill out the form on this page, and we'll reply right away with a quotation for our services.