Dominican Republic divorce

The Dominican Certification Service can offer you different types of divorce, however what they all have in common is that both parties must consent to the divorce, our fees are as follows:

  • Total fees (US$2,000) to be made in 3 payments:
    • 1st payment: 50% of fees (US$1,000)
    • 2nd payment: 25% of fees (US$500)
    • 3rd payment: final 25% of fees
The above fees do not include court charges or taxes which must be paid before we start work.

We may require some or all of the following documentation from you:

  1. copy of both spouses' passports
  2. birth certificates of any children
  3. your marriage certificate
  4. separation agreement, basically where you agree on the custody of children, division of assets etc
  5. a "poder consular", = a document you sign at your nearest Dominican consulate or embassy, granting power to our attorneys to represent you in the Dominican Republic
Takes between 1 and 3 months.

Our legal team can assist with all sorts of issues relating to Dominican divorce.

My wife and I are not Dominican. We would both like to divorce now. What can you suggest? Given that you are both agree to divorce and are both non-Dominicans, we would recommend special quicky divorce for foreigners, as per Article 28, Paragraph V of Divorce Law)

This is a mutual consent divorce that is exclusively available for foreigners. Its principle condition is that only one of the spouses must be present at the court hearing and the absent spouse must be represented by a special power-of-attorney authorizing a representative to appear in court.

It is pronounced and published before Dominican courts within 7 days.

Please bear in mind that "unilateral" divorces (in which the spouses have not agreed to the divorce) and "mail order" divorces (in which neither spouse appears in court) are both illegal under Dominican law because they are in violation of our legal requirements.

Dominican Divorce Q&A

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